What Sets Us Apart

Why We’re Different
There are many things that set our brand apart from others, we don’t just provide the most magnificent grow your own boxes, fundamentally we are passionate about what we do and want to encourage others to get involved and get growing. Even Cosmo the ALLOTINABOX® mascot gets his paws dirty.


We believe in sourcing the best, that’s the best of British. Our business is proudly local; everything from our design to the sourcing of materials is within a bike ride away. This reduces our "carbon foodprint" and supports local businesses, be it our printers, seed suppliers, designers, photographers or partners. We think it right to use top drawer people and products that are young, environmentally aware and are willing to help us craft our sustainable business.


Through our packaging we try to adhere to this sustainable theme throughout, from the inks we use to the paper stock we chose, it’s an important theme throughout. We’re not eco warriors, but we like renewable energy, making paper planting pots with our wrapping paper, growing tasty fruit and vegetables and recycling. We know we can’t change the world overnight, but by making our fantastic GYO fully recyclable, we know we have contributed to a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle and one that our customers can get involved in.

Passion and Care

Two words that are overused and misinterpreted by many, but it’s something we try to ensure shines in everything we do. Human-beings pack all of our products, and we always try to ensure that nothing leaves the shedquarters without it being given our approval, and has a small sprinkle of passion included. From the tiny details in our boxes, to the way we deal with our customers, we think it’s our duty to take the time to ensure that everyone is made to feel important. OK, so we’re not perfect but you can be sure that we will try our hardest and put our back into it, even it’s just a tip on how to grow Italian tomatoes.



Healthy, Tasty and Seasonal

From window box winners to edible rooftop gardens, we always move with the season, so that you can be sure of a tasty crop throughout the year. The scent of tomatoes in summer, or the smell of our Mr. Stinky Garlic roasting in Winter is what makes us love what we do. Our GYO boxes are always adapted to each season and we are constantly looking for new products to include in them. Of course it’s about the seeds, because that’s where the growing journey begins, but for us it’s only the beginning, we’re exploring our own private food label and looking at other horizons which are all about offering healthy, tasty and seasonal food.