Organic Growing

Using organic methods for growing fruit and means that you can grow food free from pesticides in healthy soil that has been maintained by compost made from recycled waste products.

Whatever space you might have for growing by using organic methods ensure that you provide a safe refuge for you, your family and the environment. But there is more to Organic Gardening than simply giving up artificial fertilizers and pesticides that use chemicals. The fundamentals of Organic gardening is to feed the soil rather than the plant, using compost and manure that encourage organisms in the soil to make nutrients available to the crop.

Allotment and Plotholders are increasingly turning to Organic methods, using plant based fertilizers and green manures as a source of fertility and now these are available to anyone who love to grow food at home. 

The basic mechanics and processes remain the same, many turn to tried and tested methods handed down or shared with a neighbour, others such as commercial growers have been maintaining their crops by improving and feeding of the soil for years, leading to the boom in popularity and price rise of products that are marked as organic. 

Organic growing requires a gradualist approach, as quite often the crops are not strong enough to withstand attack from pests, so the time spent on improving and respecting natural ecological balances and the health of the soil is in part the reason that Organic food is regarded as more expensive to produce, but the end result is far superior in taste and quality.

To maintain the ecosystems in which crops and livestock are raised is getting more cost effective, but as a whole there is far greater attention required to the process and conditions in which Fresh Fruit and Vegetables are grown.

Over a period of time by employing Organic methods, Growers will start to see an improvement in the soil, which is one of the most precious resources for anyone, if you have decided to start growing or using Organic methods then be sure to select the right growing medium for the plant. Simple Balcony plots or window boxes can be planted up using many of the commercially available organic composts, but also look out for seeds that have been produced by this method too.

 In fact growing in the city or small urban spaces naturally lends itself to organic gardening, as the population of common veg patch pests is much smaller, hence meaning there is less need for pesticides.  This allows many city growers to enjoy their own organic food even in the heart of cosmopolitan areas.