Vegetable Seeds

Here at ALLOTINABOX® Shedquarters we believe that growing your own vegetables from seed produces crops that taste far better than anything you can buy on the high street. Commercial growers choose varieties that travel well, are all the same size, uniform in appearance, and by the time they reach our shores ripen at the same time.

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Clever city growers plot holders and urban farmers understand that seed varieties can be grown for flavour, and to suit the time of year that they want to eat fresh fruit and vegetables.  For them and us, flavour is all about freshness, when you pick fresh vegetables the sugars begin to convert to starch and the taste detoriates, so next time you buy your mange tout or carrots, just think about how long they have lingered on the shelf. Supermarkets just can’t compete with a few freshly picked herbs or a few juicy and ripe tomatoes, plucked straight from the windowsill or roof terrace.

You really can’t beat the sense of satisfaction that you feel when you’ve put some seedlings in the ground or in a simple container and watched them develop into ready to eat crops, delicious. When growing from seed, what is even better is that you don’t even need a big space to grow all the varieties, if you have a balcony or even just a container you can grow a few edibles from a packet of our ALLOTINABOX seeds, check out our shop for all the varieties!

Many people start their vegetables off as young plants bought from a Nursery or Garden Centre, which is the quickest way, but raising your own from seed is really satisfying, pretty straightforward and is extremely economical. The other big bonus of growing from seeds is the variety of seeds available, and here at ALLOTINABOX® our range is expanding all the time.

Most seeds can be sown in pots or containers, be creative… how about an old water bottle or pair of old wellies? By sowing seeds in containers this means that the crop can be sown earlier indoors and then transferred outside into a more permanent position when when it gets warmer.

Most containers are suitable for that spot on the balcony or rooftop, the perfect escape from the urban buzz. The possibilities are endless and getting your very own little veg patch off the ground is simple, even if you live in the heart of the city. Balconies are an ideal place to grow edible crops as they are quite often in a nice sunny spot and high out of reach from pests. If you are looking to learn or want a few balcony basics, then head to ALLOTINABOX. Here you will find solutions for growing everything from carrots on your rooftop through to British Thyme in a recycled container.

Avoid sowing your seeds too early, our simple and very popular herb and vegetable grow wheels are really helpful in explaining when to sow and harvest your crops, you can buy one in our grow your own shop.

The basic rule for outdoors is to wait until the soil heats up, but if you’ve started your seeds indoors, then normally a nice warm ledge or sunny spot should speed up the process, remember seeds can be sown directly into the ground or started in a pot or greenhouse.

Seeds grow under cover will have to be hardened off. This means slowly getting them used to the colder temperatures, before planting them out, you can find more information on this in our grow guide section of our website. The idea is to stand the seedling outside for a few hours then bring them back indoors to prepare them for the conditions out in the wild world. After a few repeats of this process, if you wish to plant them outside, the seedlings will be ready to be planted out!

Good luck growers!