Growing Vegetables

There really is nothing like the taste of homegrown fruit and vegetables. The flavour, the texture, the varieties just beat the supermarkets hands down. Let’s not forget that its healthy, and it all helps the environment and cuts back on carbon footprint. Homegrown organic food also avoids harmful chemicals, which are used to spray crops grown for our convenience in the countryside, often many miles away or abroad.  By growing your own food from seed, you can pretty much eat your own crop straight away, safe in the knowledge of how and where it has grown.

As the population of cities increase, and food prices continue to rise, everything from tomatoes, grapes, salads and even Mediterranean style crops are thriving in cities like London, Paris and New York.  The world’s population is beginning to embrace the chance to grow fresh food.

If you have a small space, now more than ever is the time to get started, budding balcony gardeners and bijoux roof terrace growers are filling spaces with healthy vegetables, herbs and salads.  Whether it’s a few tomatoes, some fresh herbs or your own potato crop, why not benefit from delicious, fresh organic food, which also saves a lot of money.


Here at ALLOTINABOX® our aim is to get you started growing Vegetables and Fresh fruit. Our Magnificent Grow Your Own urban boxes are tailored to almost every environment. The seeds that we provide in our seasonal boxes and in our webshop are chosen because they are easy to Grow, and relatively trouble free compared to those that require more looking after, and a much more patience.

There are hundreds of seed varieties available today, but we’ve made the selection easier for you by including everything in one fantastic recyclable box to get you growing.  Not only that but we have tired and tested our ALLOTINABOX® varieties and we are certain that not only will you love growing them, but the varieties such as carrots, spring onions, rocket, chives, tomatoes that we’ve included, will taste truly delicious come harvest time

Growing food is extremely rewarding, especially if you have matured it from a tiny seedling into something that you can enjoy eating. Meltingly delicious carrots, springy salad leaves or juicy tomatoes can give you a handy source of ingredients for the kitchen and can transform your space into a green haven.