Plot Help

POT - Getting Started

We say that you can grow almost anything, and if you have a lack of space, then grab yourself a container. Flat owners... think tubs, trays, window boxes and pots, not your mum’s best Sunday roast tin mind!

If you’ve got a patch of concrete, or a terrace then containers are the best fellas for the job and if it gets a wee bit too cold you can always drag them indoors or cover them with some insulating material such as fleece or even Michael Buble wrap.

Most of the herbs that are well loved do terrifically well, as do tomatoes as the bees that pass by help pollinate and with some water and sunshine... you’ll be surprised at the results. In these frugal times when we are trying to save money it’s worth looking around boot sales, or even asking the neighbours if they can spare a container stuck in the back of the garage or forgotten about down at the bottom of the garden.

When it comes to more intricate veggies, then your going to need a deep container or something with a little more flexibility, in these you can pot carrots, lettuces, herbs and courgettes which go mad in cut off milk cartons!

Windowsills are also a brilliant place to grow, beans and tomatoes are our favourite, but why don’t you try some of chives and watch out for our chilli box, perfect to throw into a curry pot or chopped onto the top of a pizza with fresh marjoram.

Here on this very site we give you all the instruction and advice you need, our friend the vertical Gardener (read more about him on our blog) grows some amazing fruit varieties on training wires, trained to climb up the back of the kitchen wall. So ready to take the plunge? It’s pretty simple isn’t it, go on throw yourself a challenge, how about some fresh strawberries for starters, or save a packet down the supermarket and get growing parsley, coriander or even rocket.

For more help read our PDF GUIDE