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PATCH - Getting Started

Well, we hope you don’t have a patch like some old pirate, we mean a patch of land, like a lovely allotment, or a somewhere in your estate, back yard or garden. A proper Veg Patch. If you can, try and get something that you can share, you’ll get great pleasure from digging in with a neighbour. Not only will your neighbours offer you advice, but they can swap knowledge, plants and produce, and a few that we know tell a good tale or two, but why is it always about the size of their carrots!

Ok so we know some of you like the peace and solitude at the bottom of the garden, if that’s the case, then that’s fine too, just remember to share a few sugar peas or beans with your neighbours, and watch them smile.

With space being such a precious commodity, limited and becoming expensive, it’s a great time to get yourself a patch and start growing; we’ve all got the right to dig, (well apart from Cosmo our office pup, who is constantly digging holes in our Uncle Tony’s turnip patch!)

So why should I have my own Veg Patch?

Do we need to keep going on about the health benefits, the flavours, the cooking, there has and never will be a better time to get growing, and it’s for all the family.

There is no packaging, air miles, landfill, petrol, or energy, so you can pat yourself on the back for saving on the carbon foodprint, just get on your wellies and follow our guides on starting and growing veg in your own little patch, we promise we’ll do all we can to get you growing.

Read our Getting Started PDF GUIDE