Plot Help

PLOT - Getting Started

Having a plot or spare bit of land in your back garden really makes you appreciate what a brilliant feeling it is to grow your own on your doorstep, what can beat it? Step out into your back garden, turn on your radio, tune into Glasto or the Tennis, a fresh brew to hand, grab your spade and you're good to go!

Getting started couldn’t be easier, really, especially if you’ve got your hands on some of our GYO boxes, or have bought a few varieties of our seeds to pop in the ground. The flavour, smell and texture of freshly dug vegetables or lovely juicy fruits that are fresh from your plot are just zillions of light years away in flavour from the varieties flown into the UK each day.

So all that’s OK, so what now?

Well we think it’s important to learn about the soil, we're not asking you to start snuffling round on the ground, just simply figure out if you’ve got peaty, sandy, light or heavy clay. You can do this by getting your fingers stuck into the ground and checking the water content, or by running your fingers through a clump or two, you can see our free downloadable guides to soil types for more details, or if you really want to be like the mad professor from Back To The Future, grab your self a soil test kit, which will give you an almost instant reading to help determine the soil type in your plot.

Oh and the first job is to clear your plot, so if it’s full of weeds and stingy nettles, then send in the troops and remove all the traces, and dig over your soil. Don’t forget to grab hold of the roots mind, see we told you it was fun, go on give it a go and check out our PDF GUIDE to learn more.